EACC Deputy CEO sued for harassment over Garissa land


Two Americans have sued the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Deputy Chief Executive Officer over harassment.

Ibrahim Ali Osman and Bishara Abdulrahman Nassir accuse EACC’s Abdi Mohamud of harassing and threatening them to relinquish their rights over a parcel of land they acquired in Garissa County.

According to court documents, the petitioners purchased the land with a view of constructing a permanent abode within the jurisdiction of the country and as a result they began development on the land. 

“The 1st respondent has on two occasions frustrated the petitioners’ attempts in getting possession of the suit property by bringing goons to demolish any ongoing developments on the land,” the petitioners state in their court documents.

The petitioners aver that Mohamud is using his influence and power to intimidate any person who tries to stop him from harassing their quiet possession including the Garissa Police officers.

In addition, the petitioners are fearful that the Deputy CEO may materialise his threats and indiscriminately deny them their right to quiet possession of the suit property.

The two claim to be beneficial and registered owners of the land having purchased it from Dahir Omar Abdallah for Sh20 million.

According to court documents the land was initially owned by Abdallah who acquired ownership on 9th December 1994. 

It’s alleged there was a dispute back in 1994 concerning ownership of the said land but the issue was settled in a Garissa Court where Abdallah was successful in proving the ownership of the suit property.

The petitioners claim that on or about 22rd September this year the property was registered in favour of Nasir and an official search conducted on the following day indicated that Nasir was the owner of the land 

“It is clear that Abdallah passed a good title to us and as such we should be able to enjoy quiet possession of the parcel of land,” the petitioners said..