Doctors Officials now want the court to suspend sentencing them for a period of two weeks.


KMPDU officials now want court to further suspend their sentencing for another two weeks in order to give them more time for negotiations as directed by the court.

In an application filed in the court today, the Doctors Union say that sentencing them to one month will disadvantage the negotiations towards full compliance with the directions given by the court. They further claim that they require more time to fully comply with the court order and further engagements with the government and council of governors toward resolving the issues.

They allege that the government together with the council of Governors have used their advantage to arm twist and frustrate the negotiations between the parties. the matter will be heard inter parties Thursday, 26th January.

Warrant of arrest was issued against KMPDU officials after failing to appear in court for sentencing over contempt of court.

Justice Hellen Wasilwa had given two weeks for negotiations and call off the strike saying that two weeks window was to ensure that the negotiations did not collapse.