Man arrested for giving police false information

Police have arrested a man who allegedly gave false information to the police and media about a Somali American who had ‘defrauded’ Eastleigh traders.
Siyad Warsame who had presented himself to the police as Abdirazak Ali was arrested by CID police after a tip off by the complainant Abdiwahab Dahir on 2nd February 2018.
During his arrest, he confessed to the police that his friend Siyad Abdullahi was behind the false information he gave to the police.
“I falsely presented myself as Abdirazak Ali because Abdullahi who is in the United States sent me money to make false accusations against Dahir”, Warsame told police.
However, the complainant in the case Dahir, has told police that the person behind the information is jealous of him because he married his ex wife.
Dahir said that is why he wants to tarnish his good name and ruin his character but he will not allow it to happen.
Businessman Siyad Abdullahi who is alleged to be behind the false information given to the police by Warsame
Police confirmed that it was Abdullahi who had sent all the information and photos via  whatsapp to Warsame’s phone.
Warsame had reported a complaint under OB 13/19/12/17 where he claimed Dahir had defrauded ‘Abdirazak’ Sh1 million.
The complainant said it was not the first time that Abdullahi was lying about him.
“On June 2014 Abdullahi tried to get a restraining order against me in Minnesota by falsely accusing me of trying to harm him, his kids and his business but the order was not granted.
American businessman Abdiwahab Dahir falsely said to have defrauded Eastleigh traders
In the same year he filed two other lawsuits against me but were dismissed.
“In July 2014, Abdullahi started a company called Family Care Transportation Co. Which is identical to my company and he created a website to divert my clients, the court ordered the company and the website terminated”, Dahir said.
Dahir said he will file a civil suit against Abdullahi for being behind the false information in the article, to the police and all of 2014 false cases
“I am a law abiding person and the allegations by Warsame  are very disturbing and due to its publication in the media, it has caused me damage and emotional pain”, Dahir told police.
He said the publication made him leave his business to come to the country and resolve the issue.
Dahir said he is a young successful businessman, a husband, father and Diplomat who has helped his community in so many different levels and because of his good reputation, he will not let anyone damage him.
Warsame may be charged with two counts of offences, giving false information to the police and impersonation.
Warsame has been released on a police cash bail of Sh30, 000 pending investigations. He will report to the police on February 12.