10 years in jail for Journalist Moses Dola for killing wife


High Court has sentenced journalist Moses Dola to ten years in prison for killing his wife Sarah Wambui Kabiru on 1st May 2011.

While delivering the sentence, Justice Roselyn Korir said that the Victim impact report shows that the family of the deceased is yet to come to term with the death of their daughter.

“In this case, the appropriate sentence is custodial and I therefore sentence him to 10 years in prison

In addition Justice Korir said that the family is still bitter and pray for justice to prevail.

Dola was found guilty of manslaughter instead of murder on grounds that he did not cause Kabiru’s death intentionally.

According to the judge, this is one case that was with deep emotions during the trial for both the family and the accused.

“Pressure of joblessness should not be an ingredient to loss of life,” the judge ruled.

Dola denied killing Wambui, also a journalist who worked with NTV as a reporter in their house in Umoja estate, Nairobi.

In the judgment, the judge said that no one can really attest to what happened on that fateful day since there were no witnesses in the bedroom where in incident occurred.

The court heard that the couple, who has one child, started having marital issues after the accused lost his job.

It was alleged that the deceased tried to stab Dola with a scissors that morning, actions which led him to struggle with her to take it off her hands; In the event, they both fell on the bed and Wambui hit her head on the bed canopy.

According to the pathologist, the injury on the deceased resulted from a push which led her to hit the wall or hard place.

In mitigation, through lawyer Cliff Ombetta, the court heard that Dola was remorseful and has been regretting the events of that fateful day to date.