3 matatu drivers charged in connection with the matatu madness on Sunday


Three matatu drivers have been charged with recklessness and negligence in connection with the Matatu madness that took over the street of Moi Avenue in Nairobi for close to three hours over the weekend.

Joseph Muriuki Kinuthia was charged that on 9th September 2019 at about 1330 hours along Moi Avenue in Central District of Nairobi, being the driver of motor vehicle KCH 016 toyota matatu, drove the said vehicle on a public road in a rash, negligently in a manner likely to endanger passengers on board or other road users.

Others charged are the driver of KCL 809S John Mwaura Wanjiru and Victor Wanjau Wambui of KCR 169C. The three were also charged in the traffic court with reckless driving.

They denied the charges and were granted a cash bail of Sh 50,000 each in the criminal case and Sh 100,000 bail in the traffic offense.

For close to three hours, Moi Avenue in Nairobi’s Central Business District was a no go zone to other motorists.

The group of youth alleged they were enroute to Meru for a reggae showand were just warming up. They sped on the road in utter disregard of traffic laws, endangering their safety as well as those of other motorists and pedestrians.

Many of them were hanging on the sides, front and back of the speeding vehicles, while others stick out their upper bodies out of the windows fearless of the dangers that may befall them.

As seen in the video that went viral on social media, one of the matatu’s reversed blindly and rammed a police patrol car damaging it on the back side.

As the police officers inside opened the doors open, the matatu speeds off in the opposite direction while the young men hanging on it scatter in different directions.

Where were the police when all this was beginning and what happened to the traffic rules after our honorable John Michuki passed on?