Advocate charged after insulting KICC OCS

Kincy Nangami before Milimanni Law Courts where she denied insulting the KICC OCS. Photo/Courtesy

An advocate has been charged with offensive conduct after hurling insults at the KICC police station OCS.

Kincy Nangami is also charged with resisting arrest after she was stopped from using the presidential staircase during a conference.

 The 29 year old faces two counts of offensive conduct.

It is alleged that on 31st March 2022, the accused used abusive names by referring to the OCS Catherine Otieno and one Susan Misoi as a dog and stupid.

The uttered the words “Umbwa, stupid, useless dog, “f**k you among other insults with intent to provoke a breach of peace.

Nangami is also charged with resisting arrest by two police officers who were on duty on that day.

It is alleged that the accused was attending a conference at the Grace Well ministries. She was looking  for the washrooms using the presidential stairs before things turned ugly.

The OCS was on patrol when she found her using the stairs preserved for dignitaries and was stopped.

However, Nangami allegedly became defensive and said that the OCS was the one using the wrong exit.

Thereafter, the advocate started insulting the OCS. 

Nangami denied the charges before Senior Principal Magistrate R.K Ondieki. She was released on a personal bond of Sh 20,000.