Angry Ekeza Sacco members attack Gakuyo’s lawyer outside court


It was chaos at Milimani Law Courts on Thursday 14th after angry Ekeza Sacco members attacked a lawyer representing the controversial televangelist come businessman David Ngare alias Gakuyo.

The members accused lawyer Samuel Mburu of presenting a contradicting position of the sacco Members before court favoring Gakuyo. They also accused him of ridiculing them while making his submissions.


The lawyer was pushed left, right and centre by the hungry claws of the sacco members.


It took the intervention of a security guard to the rescue of the lawyer from their jaws.

There has been confusion in court over who is the real advocate representing the Sacco since two advocates, Mburu and Duncan Okatch claim that they have instructions to represent the Sacco.

Whereas Mburu says he has no problem with court orders issued stopping the take over by the new management, lawyer Okatch wants the orders vacated.


The judge directed the application seeking to have the orders vacated be filed formally and have the matter mentioned next week.

In the matter, some sacco officials including Gakuyo filed a petition stopping the Commissioner of cooperative development from interfering with their management through lawyer Dastun Omari.


The Commissioner has also been temporarily barred from installing new management Committee at Ekeza Sacco Ltd.