Assets Recovery Maintains MP Gachagua’s Sh 200 million are proceeds of crime


The Assets Recovery Agency has maintained that the Sh 200 million held in the bank accounts of Mathira Member of Parliament Rigathi Gachagua are proceeds of crime.

The MP argues that the money is not proceeds of crime as he has invested in different companies where he is either a director or shareholder.

Chief investigator Sergeant Fredrick Musyoki claims that no shred of evidence has been presented by the MP to demonstrate the linkage between the alleged businesses and the funds in issue which are preserved in the said bank accounts.

“The funds in question are proceeds of crime which are obtained through deceit and unlawful means and MP Gachagua has not tendered any shred of evidence to show any legitimate means he used to obtain the same,” argues Sergeant Musyoki.

According to the agency, Gachagua’s argument of being a trust of other entities is fictitious since no deed of trustees or any other trustee entrustment is presented by him as the provision of trustee act and trustee rules hence the claims are a decoy meant to disguise and hide the source of the funds in question and is a scheme of money laundering.

“MP Gachagua has not produced any notices calling for the purported board of directors, meeting agenda, minutes and name and registration of the purported companies secretaries who purportedly signed the board resolution,” adds the investigator.

Further, the Agency argues that Gachagua has not presented any agreement of trusteeship between him and the purported firms he is alleging to be holding funds in trust for and the authenticity of the purported board resolution relied by the MP can not be verified and are therefore a fictitious collection of an afterthought sewed together in a scheme of a classic money laundering.