Baracuda CEO now to testify in court against his employees

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Baracuda Airways Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kimaeia Boddie Maina who allegedly defrauded job seekers millions of shillings is a free man and will now be used as a prosecution witness against his accused employees

Maina was cleared by Magistrate Kenneth Cheruiyot after the prosecution made an application to have the intended charges against him dropped for lack of sufficient evidence.

“The investigations are complete and the evidence adduced is not enough to press charges against him and we intend to use him as prosecution witness,” said the investigation officer.

Magistrate Chruiyot said he considered the application by the Investigation Officer and closed the case against the CEO.

“The case is hereby closed and I direct that the cash bail deposited by Maina be refunded,” magistrate cheruiyot ruled.

Maina had been arrested on allegations of defrauding millions of shillings from unsuspecting job seekers with promises of giving them employment.

Maina was out on a cash bail of Sh 100,000 pending completion of the investigations after the police were denied the request to detain him further.

Meanwhile, two other directors and one employee of the company were charged with fraud two weeks ago.

John Othiambo Majiwa, Elizabeth Wanjiku Kinyanjui and Stella Ivy Amaya denied the charges and were released on a bond of Sh 1 million or a bond a Sh 3 million pending the hearing and determination of the case.

The company who’s accounts have been frozen ever since the scandal is said to have defrauded job seekers of Sh 9.7 million with promises helping them gain employment.

The victims of the scam are said to have paid the money being payment of training as pilots and cabin crews in Dubai and South Africa, which was to commence on 4th January 2017.

It is alleged that company office at Yaya center was closed down after the incidence and could have relocated to a new place.

The three employees appeared before senior principal Magistrate Martha Mutuku for a mention where she directed the case against the two ladies to be heard on 6th April 2017 while Majiwa’s will be mentioned on 30th march 2017.

Wanjiku and Amaya are out on bond while Majiwa is still remanded.