Brian Mwenda released on bail after four days in custody


‘Fake’ lawyer Brian Mwenda is now a free man after he was released on cash bail.

Chief Magistrate Lukas Onyina released Mwenda on a cash bail of Sh 200,000 after spending four days in custody.

The prosecution and the Law Society of Kenya had opposed his release on bail on grounds that he might interfere with witnesses and continue to represent people in court.

However, the magistrate ruled having attracted the public’s attention, Mwenda cannot appear in any public court to represent an accused person as suggested by the Law Society of Kenya.

The Magistrate added that there was no compelling reasons from the prosecution or the Lsk raised to deny Mwenda bail or bond.

The accised person is still innocent untill proven guilty and has the right to enjoy that opportunity,” the magistrate ruled.

He further ruled that the posecution had failed to prove that Mwenda would interfere with witnesses if freed on bail.

Mwenda was put on the spotlight by the LSK after he was found practicing law without a license.

The issue attracted a lot of public interest after it was alleged that Mwenda had won 26 cases.