Commissioner of insurance stopped from approving principal officer of Directline Assurance Limited


The Insurance appeals tribunal has directed the commissioner of insurance to withhold from taking any action to approve any person(s) as the Principal Officer(s) of Directline Assurance Limited pending further directions of the tribunal.

This is after embattled Principal Officer of Directline Assurance Limited Terry Wejinje appealed her revocation.

The tribunal held the said decision by the Commissioner in abeyance pending further directions on 19th December 2019.

Wejinje was directed to serve Directline with the application and appeal before close of business 6th December and Directline to make a decision whether they wish to participate in the matter as an interested party or otherwise.

The tribunal further directed the commissioner and the said company to file and serve the appellant with their responses to the appeal and submissions concurrently within seven days from 6th December.

The respondent, Insurance regulatory Authority is at liberty to file any other written submissions thereafter before the mention date.

The tribunal directed the appeal to be mentioned on 19th December in the afternoon fie purposes of compliance and fixing hearing dates for the appeal.