Corona virus: KQ employee to file law suit over suspension


The Kenya Airways employee suspended on over the video that went viral showing a China Southern plane landing and disembarking people at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport will move to court to challenge the decision.

Through lawyer Danstun Omari, Gire Ali says he will also be seeking orders against that suspension letter and also against future victimization when he goes back to work.

“This is not a banana country where anyone runs the day. The government has no option but to comply with court orders, therefore we are relying on the rule of law as we file our case on Monday,” said lawyer Omari.

According to Omari, his client was not informed that the decision barring China-Nairobi flights due to the Corona virus had been revoked.

It is alleged that when the plane landed, it took more that an hour before the 239 passengers could be allowed to alight.

The video has since caused uproar among Kenyans who are demanding for answers and that the first people to approach the plane were Chinese journalists.

He said that the employee took a step to save Kenyans, something that has made President Uhuru Kenyatta to order that planes from China should not be allowed into the country.

Ali says his life is in danger since he has received threats from his superiors.