Court declines to halt Galot Industries managers’ case



An attempt by three Galot Group of companies managers to stay criminal proceedings in which they are charged with perjury has failed.


Trial magistrate Martha Mutuku declined to stay the proceeds against Rajeev Modi, Pushpinder Singh Mann and Jophece Yego and instead directed the parties to serve each other to enable them respond to the application.


The three were seeking to have the criminal proceedings stayed pending hearing and determination of the application.

They also want the court to investigations into the conduct of Pravin Galo, Michael K. Sang and Erick Murithi for making of the false report and statements precipitating the charges facing the accused persons.


They said Pravin Galot, one of the Group’s Chairperson’s nephew, Sang and Murithi are not directors of Galot Companies.


Modi, Singh Mann and Yego are accused of convening a meeting purportedly as directors and company secretary respectively of Galot Industries Limited and nominated Rajeev Modi so as to aid him to swear an affidavit for purpose of withdrawing criminal case No. 276 of 2018 which is currently before the City court, a fact they knew to be false.

The three are alleged to have committed the offence on 26th February 2018 at LDK House Dunga road in Nairobi.


Rajeev Modi is alone charged with falsely making oath before Alice Jonathan Gulenywa a commissioner of oaths , in an affidavit to be filed in criminal case number 276 of 2018 before city court one in an attempt to have the case withdrawn from court by purporting to be a director of Galot Industries Limited, Manchester Outfitters Limited and Kingwoollen Mills Limited.

The court heard that the accused committed the offense on 2nd March last year at St George’s House Parliament road in Nairobi county falsely made.

The Chairperson of the companies Mohan Galot and his nephews Pravin and Rajesh Galot have been in and out of courts disputing the directorship of the companies.