Court extends summons for PS Korir to plead to assault charges

PS Julius Korir

Court has extended summons against devolution PS Julius Korir to appear in court in a case where he accused of assaulting his ex- wife.

Korir’s lawyer Nicholas Ombija told the court that the accused is out of the country on official duty.

“My client is not in court this morning because he is out of the country on official duty,” said Ombija.

Chief Magistrate Susan Shitubi extended the summons until 14th February.

The lawyer tendered a letter in court as proof of the same.

In response, the prosecution said that the PS disregarded court orders since he knew he was supposed to appear in court for plea taking.

“The accused was aware he was required to appear in court to day but it appears he did not heed that information and that explains why he was allowed to travel from 5th to 10th February,” the prosecutor told the court.

The complainant’s lawyer told the court that that the complaint was made two years ago, in 2020.

He added that the PS went to the High Court court and obtained stay orders that delayed the matter for one year.

“The petition was dismissed. They were granted 14 days the last of which this process begun,” said the lawyer.

Surprisingly, the court heard that the PS was again before the high court this morning seeking to stay plea taking before judge Anthony Mrima.

“The application they made this morning before Mrima was dismissed,” he added.

According to the complaints, this is one of the tricks that the accused is using to delay plea taking. 

“If plea is to be delayed it should be for a day or two since he is expected back anytime from to day,” he noted.

Ombija told the court that the letter is dated 1st February so it came before the summons were issued.

He further submitted that it was in the national interest that he attends that meeting.

Korir’s lawyer also noted that the PS is travelling by road, and since the conference is ending today, he can not come back today. 

He also noted that their application before the High Court was not dismissed but adjourned to 21st February.

The Magistrate noted that summons have been issued to the accused to attend and take plea in the matter.

“Since counsel said he is travelling by road, I will defer the plea only up to Monday. Summons extended,” ruled CM Shitubi.

Korir is accused of beating up his the pregnant wife Everlyne Chepkorir Koech on 17th September 2020, causing her actual bodily harm.