Court forfeits Joyce Akinyi’s Vehicles to State

Joyce Akinyi in court at a previous date. Photo/Courtesy

High Court has declared two motor vehicles owned by controversial businesswoman Joyce Akinyi as proceeds of crime.

Justice Esther Maina directed that the Toyota crown KCR 521Z and Toyota DBA KCG 856G to be forfeited to the state.

Further, the judge directed the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) to take steps and ensure to have the said motor vehicle transferred to the state.

“Having come to a finding that the two vehicles are proceeds of crime, I must also inevitably come to the conclusion that the same are liable to the forfeiture to the state and I do so order,” the judge ruled.

In her response, Joyce Akinyi said she purchased the two vehicles with money that came from sale of her villa.

Akinyi’s evidence


However, the judge observed that Akinyi did not tender any evidence that would convince the court that the Villa which she sold in order to purchase the cars was acquired otherwise than through the proceeds of illicit drugs.

Justice Maina added that Akinyi did not declare the evidential burden of proof.

“That being the case and she having expressing that the two vehicles were acquired from the proceeds of sales of the villa, I find that the vehicles are proceeds of crime; the same having been acquired from tainted money,” The judge noted

The Asset Recovery Agency urged the court to seize the said vehicles as they are believed to be proceeds of crime.

Thereafter, ARA commenced investigation to recover proceeds of crime acquired by Akinyi on illegitimate trafficking and trading narcotic drugs.

Akinyi and two others were charged at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport court two years ago with drug trafficking.

This is after a search was conducted at her residence at Deep West Resort bar in Nairobi West and police recovered 1,050 grams of heroin with street value of Sh 3.09 million.