Court summons Cyprian Nyakundi over defamatory article against Steve Mbogo, wife


Controversial blogger Cyprian has been ordered to appear in court on 13th December over a defamatory against politician Steve Mbogo.

Mbogo and his wife Swabrina Jamal are aggrieved by the articel published by Nyakundi on 28th November 2018 linking the family into sex scandal.

Civil division judge Jaden Thuranira directed that Nyakundi be served with the application filed by the couple.

According to Mbogo, the said articles are false, defamatory and malicious in nature.

In one of the articles Nyakundi has even claimed that Mbogo’s driver has been having an affair with his wife.

The politician argues that the malicious articles have damaged his reputation as a businessman and politician.

He further accuses Mbogo of taking a Kenyan socialites to foreign trips in order to ‘relieve stress’  he has been subjected to by his wife.

According to Nyakundi, Mbogo took one Haentel Wanjiku to Europe.

It is alleged that Wanjiku is a girlfriend to one of the coast region Governors.