DJ Evolve denies being shot by MP Babu Owino at B Club in 2020

Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve giving his testimony virtually in a case where Embakasi East MP is accused of Shooting him at B club in Nairobi in 2020.PHOTO/Sam Alfan

Felix Orinda or DJ Evolve as popularly known has denied that Embakasi East Member of Parliament was the one who shot him at Nairobi’s B Club in 2015.

While giving his testimony virtually before Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi the DJ said he did not see the MP with a firearm on that fateful day of 17th January 2020.

The court heard that DJ evolve had gone to the club for work as usual and was interacting with people, including the MP before he was shot

“I was interacting with people as usual including Mheshimiwa Babu who was in the vicinity when I heard gunshots and the next thing I knew I was in a vehicle going to the hospital,” the DJ testified.

It was his testimony that he has been friends with the MP since 2015 and have remained friends to date.

The DJ further testified that Babu Owino has been catering for his expenses since the shooting incident happened in 2020 as a friend.

“I receive medical, utility and my general well being support from Mheshimiwa Babu and no other well wisher has done the same for me,” he added.

The court heard that his other friends have not made efforts to help him since the unfortunate incident happened. 

Babu’s private protection officer told the court that upon getting to the club in the evening of 16th January after a day full of meetings, they got to their last meeting which was at B Cub and went through the security where they handed over the firearm. 

Jammed Gun

Edwin Gendi Otieno told the court that on 15th, the gun had been confirmed to have jammed and he, having knowledge in guns, advised Babu to take it for examination. 

Gendi further told the court that they had carried the gun for the examination purposes but due to endless meetings which ended late, they had postponed the examination to the next day.

According to him, they handed over the gun to the security specialised in handling firearms at B club, Charles Ochieng and filled a form with necessary information as per the club policy.

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He later joined Babu in the VIP lounge where he found him having conversations with others and with him was two cans of redbull and a bottle of water which he claimed he was having after a long day.

It was Gendi’s testimony that Babu could not have shot Dj Evolve since the firearm was jammed.

During his testimony, the MP had testified that he has spend Sh 58.8 million so far for DJ Evolve’s treatment.

He told the court that his commitment to support the injured DJ is based on their longtime friendship that started way back in 2015.