DTB manager denies involvement in financing Dusit Hotel terrorist attack


Diamond Trust Bank Eastleigh branch manager currently being investigated over Dusit Hotel terror attack has denied any involvement.

Sophia Njoki Mbogo was arrested alongside Hassan Abdi Nur, Ismael Sadiq Abitham, Ali Khamisi Ali, Abdinoor Maalim Osmail and Abdullahi Muhumed Hassan.

Njoki is accused of allowing Nur to make 13 withdrawals of Sh 400,000 each minutes apart on January 4th 2019.

The bank owed to have informed the authorities on such withdrawals and manager is accused of failing to report suspicious transactions.

In her affidavit, Njoki states that non of the other suspects operates an account at the said bank.

She denies knowing or having any dealings with the other suspects both personally and professionally.

According to the police, all the five suspects have been in contact with the Dusit Hotel terrorists and others in Somalia.

Njoki says that she was arrested in her office yesterday and the officers declined to inform her reasons behind the arrest.

The mother of two alleges that at no time did the officers disclose that the subject matter of their investigations were m-pesa transactions undertaken by Nur.

Nur, who operates Mpesa business is sad to have registered 52 accounts out of which 47 were registered between October and December last year.

He is alleged to have received over Sh 9 million from South Africa which was withdrawn through an Mpesa till number and DTB.

“The records of the said transactions are with the Bank and Safaricom Limited,” states her affidavit.

According to Njoki, based on the agreement between Safaricom and banks, its agents can approach any bank and upon its (Safaricom) confirmation, the bank releases float to its agents.

It is alleged that after the money was withdrawn, it was wired to Somalia after several calls.