Dutch businessman seeks DPP intervention over abuse by Kenyan wife

The late Tob Cohen (right) with lawyer Danstan Omari. photo/file

A Dutch businessman residing in Nairobi is seeking the Director of Public Prosecution intervention over abuse by his Kenyan wife.

Tob Cohen is accusing his once personal assistant now wife, Sarah Wairimu Kamotho of assault, verbal abuse and denial of conjugal rights as seen in his letter to the DPP.

Cohen married Sarah who was his personal assistant on the 30th May, 2007 and thereafter, moved into his palacio home and hoped to live forever thereafter.

Through lawyer Dunstan Omari, the Dutch avers that soon thereafter, they began experiencing deep misunderstandings occasioned by Sarah’s demands to have a fifty percent (50%) stake in her husband’s property situated at Farasi Lane.

The dispute over the property has resulted to a number of instances that the said Sarah has expressly been disrespectful to Cohen by being scornful and by use of emotional blackmail well demonstrated by the denial of our client’s conjugal rights.

It is further alleged that Sarah has consequently taught her daughter-RENEE CHETTLE, Cohen’s step daughter, to be disrespectful to him whether in public or within the family set up.

“The aforesaid disrespect has since been exacerbated by defamatory statements levied against our client’s with accusations being peddled by Sarah that he has previously sought sex from their daughter’s male and female friends,” says Omari in the letter.

Arrival in Kenya

The 69 year old businessman has been living in Kenya since1987, when he came to Kenya as the Chairman and the Chief Executive officer of the Philips(Electronics) Group of Companies in East Africa.

However, sometime in 1991, Cohen independently and single handedly conceived and led to the incorporation of Tobs Limited, which company continues to live its ideals and objectives, which is to promote Kenya as a superb golf destination.

According to Omari, through his client’s determination and hardwork, his company grew and blossomed, and as a result, sometime in June 2000 he purchased land at Farasi Lane, LR 2951/449 measuring 0.3162 hectares, where he presently lives and calls home and also the centre of dispute.

The businessman commenced divorce proceedings this year under a certificate of urgency.

Sarah is accused of going as far as pushing her husband down the stars which cased him serious injuries.

He filed filed a case at Parklands police station. Thereafter, Sarah went and fabricated assault accusations about Cohen to her friendly at Gigiri police.