Elders Association of Kenya to help fight tribalism by changing national ID details


The Elders Association of Kenya has pledged to help promote the national cohesion and integration of Kenyans by fighting tribalism and corruption in Kenya.

In a media briefing led by the association’s patron Martin Kinyanjui, the association is set to propose a different format of the National Identification card, (ID).

“We shall promote the moral values and work towards fighting corruption in our Kenyan society,” said the Patron.

Kinyanjui said that their suggestion is to change parts that read the location, district and place of birth on the ID and replace them with ‘Kenya’.

For instance, if your national ID reads district as Kajiado, it be changed with Kenyan.

According to the association, this will help fight the tribalism exercised by some Kenyans and make Kenya one nation.

The association is a non-profit and non-political organization that is regional and multiethnic. It members come from different parts of the country, some being former politicians.

The treasurer Stephen Kariuki said that they shall assist in dispute resolution and peace building within the society of Kenya.

“We shall promote economic empowerment to the disadvantaged Kenyans. Through our internship programs, we shall work toward rehabilitation of Kenyan youths who have fallen victim to drug abuse,” said Kariuki.

The elders currently include Mohammed galgalo, former  Mandera Member of Parliament and an assistant Minister during the former president Moi’s regime. Another is former Mandera mayor Mohammed Okash.

The group plans to extend to all the 47 Counties and choose representatives to run the branches.

The association shall have three categories of members; associate members between the age of 25-35 years, ordinary members between the age of 36-54 years and life members, above  55 years of age.

For those looking forward to being members shall be of adult age, morally upright, without any criminal records and shall be vested and approved by the management committee before admission.