Elizabeth Ongoro files petition in court seeking to nullify Tom Kajwang re-election

Elizabeth Ongoro

Former nominated Senator Elizabeth Ongoro who was vying for the Ruaraka parliamentary seat in the just concluded general elections has filed a petition seeking to nullify the Tom Kajwang’s reelection.

Ongoro is seeking an order for scrutiny and Audit of all the returns of Ruaraka parliamentary election including but not limited to forms 35A.

She is also seeking an order for an audit of the system and technology used by the IEBC in the Ruaraka parliamentary election including but not limited to the KIEMS kits, the servers, website/portal.

Ongoro is seeking a declaration that Ruaraka parliamentary election held on August 8th was not conducted in accordance with the Constitution and the applicable law rendering the declared results invalid null and void.

She also wants the court to declare that Tom Kajwang was not validly elected as Ruaraka MP elect and that the declaration is invalid null and void.

The petitioner is seeking an order directing the IEBC to organize and conduct fresh parliamentary elections in strict conformity with the Constitution and the elections act.

She says that the election was marred and significantly compromised by intimidation and corruption contrary to the Constitution.

She further argues that the elections were not free and fair as there was the use of intimidation, coercion and improper influence of voters.

She the MP elect of for instance promising to reward his voters with bursaries from Ruaraka CDF.

She accuses Kajwang of engaging in sexist tactics and violence to keep her and her supporters who were mostly women from actively engaging in politics.

She says that Kajwang made disparaging sexist remarks in full glare of cameras against her and her female supporters.