Enock Aura writes to PS tourism over mandatory Covid-19 vaccine in tour industry


The petitioner who obtained orders barring the government from withholding services for those who have not received the Covid-19 vaccination has written to the Permanent Secretary tourism protesting her directive requiring tour operators to demand proof vaccination from their clients before any services.

Through lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui, Joseph Enock Aura states in a letter addressed to PS Zeinab Hussein, that there are no such directives that were issued by the Ministry of Health on 22nd November as quoted by the PS.

“Our Client is concerned that in your office’s stated letter, you made reference to adherence to non-existent “Directives from the Ministry of Health ” allegedly made on November 22nd 2021. We know of no such “Directives”, and if you do have a copy thereof, we shall be pleased to be graciously furnished with a copy,” said lawyer kinyanjui.

In the letter, the PS has also been faulted for disobeying court orders which were issued by Justice Anthony Mrima on 14th December 2021 suspending the Government’s directive for mandatory vaccination.

Aura further adds that to purport to direct independent and private businesses to prohibit and bar Kenyans from accessing public services including National Parks on the basis of ‘non vaccination with covid 19 vaccine’ yet the provisions of such public services is financed through public funds, is breach of your oath if office to uphold and defend the constitution of Kenya.

The letter also states that should the PS default to adhere to the court orders issued by the High Court, they shall proceed to cite her for contempt of court.