Equity Bank CEO James Mwangi testifies in disputed Muthaiga land case


Equity Bank Chief Executive Officer James Mwangi has told the court that he purchased the disputed 20 acres of land in Muthaiga from former President Daniel Moi

While giving his testimony before Justice M. Mwangi, the CEO clarified that he never borrowed a loan from the bank to acquire the said piece of land.

Mwangi said he bought the land in February 2012 at a cost of Sh 300 million through his company, Muthaiga Luxury Homes.

He produced the sale agreement and transfer documents signed by the late Moi.

The CEO also told the court that he visited the late President at his Kabarnet home to thank him for selling the land to him.

“I visited the late President Moi at his Kabarnet Gardens home to say thank you, the visit lasted for at least one and a half hours. I gave him a golden pen and a bottle of ink as a gift,” Mwangi testified.

The court heard that Muthaiga Luxury Homes is a family company whose shareholders are himself and his wife.

Parties in the suit are USIU Africa, Maestro Connections Health Systems Limited, Riley Services, DPS International Limited, the director of survey, the Chief land registrar, the late President Daniel Moi,the Attorney General among others.