Fake German trucks importer charged with obtaining over 11M in Kenya

Abdukadir Bootaan Kheyre at a Nairobi court where he denied obtaining money by false pretences. Photo/Irene Onyango

A Somali taxi driver based in Germany has been charged in Nairobi with obtaining over Sh 11 million by pretending to be a German trucks importer.

Abdukadir Bootaan Kheyre ia accused of obtaining Sh 6,524,100 from Abdisaafi Musa Omar by falsely pretending that he was in a position to sell to him three German trucks, a fact he knew to be false.

Kheyre is alleged to have committed the offence on diverse dates between 3rd September and 2nd November 2021 at an unknown place within the Republic of Kenya, jointly with another before court.

The taxi driver is also charged with obtaining Sh 3,630,000 from Yusuf Osman pretending he was in a position to sell him two German trucks.

He allegedly committed the offence on 18th October 2021 within the Republic of Kenya, jointly with another before court.

In addition, the accused is charged with obtaining Sh 1,500,700 from Ali Mohamed Noor for one german truck vehicle.

He committed this offence on 24th September 2021, at an unknown place within Kenta together with his accomplice.

The accused further faces a charge of conspiracy to defraud. He allegedly conspired with another already before court to defraud Omar Sh 1 million by pretending to be carrying on a genuine business of importing trucks from Germany.

He denied the charges before Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi.

Bail opposed

The prosecution opposed his release on bail on grounds that he is a flight risk.

In an affidavit sworn by investigator PC Zachary Gitonga, it states that Kheyre has been on the run since his accomplice was arrested on 4th November 2022.

“His travel history from immigration office indicates that he has a German passport and travels occasionally,” the investigator said.

In addition, Gitonga told the court that the accused has been on the police radar for the last six months. The court heard is a Somali national who has changed his citizenship to a German national.

The court further heard that the accused was arrested at Urban Hotel in Eastleigh, Nairobi. He has been hiding since he came to Kenya on 1st April 2022 as indicated on his passport.

The prosecutor informed the court that upon recording his statement, the accused indicated that he is a taxi driver in Germany where he stays with his family.

No fixed abode

He is alleged not to have indicated to the police where he lives or what he does in Kenya.

“The accused person has not indicated to the police the activities he is carrying out in Kenya nor given evidence of his permanent residence where he can be found when need be,” Gitonga added.

According to his passport, Kheyre has been travelling all over Europe. However, he had no visa to show why he was in the country.

“We do not know who he had come to visit since we found him in a hotel. He has not indicated the relatives he had come to visit,” the officer said.

The police blacklisted his passport at the immigration office. However, they do not know how the accused has been getting into and out of the country without being noticed.

Kheyre’s lawyer Abdullahi opposed the application to deny his client bail. He told the court that bail is a constitutional right.

The lawyer said his client was legally in the country and not a person who can run away.

“There is no evidence of attempts by investigating officer to summon the accused. No evidence to show he was blacklisted,” Abdullahi added.

He added that Kheyre has family members in Kenya who can stand surety for him.