famous ex-cop Katitu sentenced to 15 years for murder


Famous ex-cop Titus Musila alias Katitu has been sentenced to 15 years for shooting dead a suspect in the busy Githurai 45 stage in 2013.

Justice James Wakiaga found Katitu, 45, guilty of murdering one Kenneth Kimani Mwangi on April 14th 2013.

Katitu was popular in Githurai for combating crime in the area which was considered unsafe for residents and matatu users due to theft (most common phone snatching).

However, it is a bit of a relief for the famous cop as he will be serving less time in jail. Justice Wakiaga ruled that he will serve three year out of the 15 in probation and also deduct from it the four years he stayed in custody during the trial. This means Katitu will serve about 8 years in jail.

“Fifteen years will be adequate, 12 years should act as a warning to the police on misuse of firearm and three years to be served in probation,” the judge ruled.

His lawyer Cliff Ombeta was however not satisfied with the judgment and said they would appeal.

Unlawful use of firearm

The judge said the trial was not about the popularity of Katitu or whether the person he shot was a known robber or if the officer killed the victim’s brother, but about the unlawful use of firearm.

”The police officer should have identified himself and gave a clear warning instead of shoting him dead at close range,” ruled the judge.

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According to the judge, the suspect did not deserve to die the way he did. He said the police officer should have protected the society by arresting the deceased, if it was true that he was a robber.

“No police officer has the right to take the life of a suspect unless under circumstances provided for in the law,” Justice Wakiaga said.

Katitu, who formed the famous Katitu Boys Band was charged with the offence and the trial began in 2014.

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Judge Wakiaga further added the case had also attracted media attention and had nothing to do with Katitu’s popularity.