Foreigner accused of defiling girls in Roysambu, Nairobi charged


A Dutch citizen accused of defiling two girls in Roysambu Nairobi County has been charged in a Nairobi court.

Hans Ego Dieter Vriens, aged 66 was charged that on diverse dates in 2014, intentionally caused his penis to penetrate the anus of a 10 year old girl.

Vriens faced another charge of intentionally causing his manhood to penetrate the vagina of a girl aged 8 years on diverse dates in the year 2011 in Roysambu.

Committing indecent acts with a child

The former lawyer faced alternative counts where he was charged with touching the buttocks of the 10 year old child with his penis and another intentionally touching the mouth and vagina of the 8 year old with his penis.

Vriens denied the charges before Resident Magistrate Muthoni Nzibe.

Bail objection

The DCI-Anti Human Trafficking and Child Protection Unit requested the court not to release thee accused person on bail on grounds that he is likely to abscond since he is a foreign national.

According to the police the accused persons has been hiding for the last six months, changed his residence and could therefore not be traced.

The court heard that at the time of arrest, Vriens was found hiding in the closet of a vacant house in the apartment building where he is alleged to be living in order to evade arrest.

In addition, the court heard that the accused is in communication with some of the witnesses and is therefore likely to interfere with them if released on bail.

The victims are alleged to have known the accused through their mothers whom he had convinced that he has a school in Eastern part of Kenya where he could sponsor them.

However, Vriens who represented himself told the court that he did not disappear from the police rather he thought the matter was over a few years ago after the first complaint was filed with the police. He was taken in but later released on police bail and since then the police have never called him to inform him of the pending charges.

According to him, he went to Mombasa and where he fell sick. “I informed my wife who informed the investigating officer. He said that during that time, his phone was off for a few days but even after turning it on, nobody called him about the case.

The accused also refuted claims that he is in communication with witnesses saying that he is not even aware who they are. He also requested the court to give him time to avail the medical documents in court.

After the submissions, the magistrate denied the accused person bail until the two children testify. The case will be heard on 16th November 2018.