Former miss Langata Women’s prison found guilty of murdering boyfriend

Former miss Langata Women’s prison alleged to have stabbed her lover multiple times has been convicted of murder by a Nairobi court.
Justice Jesse Lesiit found Ruth Wanjiku Kamande alias Biggy guilty of murdering Farid Mohammed on September 19th 2015 at Buruburu in Nairobi.
“The actions of the accused have proved malice therefore I convict her of murder,” ruled Justice Lesiit.
The now 24 year old Kamande caused the death of Mohammed after stabbing him 22 times.
Farid Mohammed, stabbed 22 times by girlfriend in Buruburu
The convict had defended herself saying she stabbed the deceased in self defence.
She alleged the Mohammed was about to attack her with a knife after a quarrel over some love messages found in his phone.
According to Lesiit, there was blood on the walls, floor, bed and almost everywhere else in the house and therefore the attack was not confined in the bedroom as alleged by the defense.
Mohammed died in hospital while undergoing treatment for the multiple stab wounds. He sustained the wounds on his back, stomach, chest, neck and legs.
The accused on the other hand sustained stab wounds on her stomach, right thigh and left hand during the incident.
In her defense, Kamande had alleged the deceased had attacked her and raped her thereby stabbing him multiple times.
However, when the convict was taken to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), doctors carried out an Xray and abdominal scan on Kamande but found that she had no internal injuries.
In addition Justice Lesiit said the stabs were not at ago…”they were done in intervals. This is clear from the prosecution evidence.”
According to some witnesses, the deceased kept saying “nimedungwa tena…”meaning ” I have been stabbed again”.
The accuses allegedly committed the offence after finding a love message on his phone which upon questioning he denied knowing the sender.

Ndwiga Gatimu, the landlord told the police he heard Mohammed crying for help from Ngarania Court, house number 539 and went to check.

He called the police who came and forced the door open.

Kamande was crowned Miss Langata Women’s Prison in August 2016, beating 19 other contestants.
The matter will come up for mitigation on 11th July 2018.