Gidjoy Vs Sowesava malicious damage case to proceed in July

Sowesava self-help group members in court

The hearing of a case in which 10 members of the Sowesava Self-help group are charged with malicious damage will continue on 6th July 2022.

The last witness before adjournment of the case was Kibero Langang, a security guard at the property which the Sowesava members are accused of maliciously destroying.

The property which is located in Donholm, Nairobi is allegedly owned by Gidjoy Investment Limited.

However, Sowesava also claims ownership of the said land.

Langang told the court that he has worked for Gidjoy since 2014 and was at his place of work when they were attacked on 27th March 2018.

He also told the court that the land is owned by Mark Munge who also testified in the matter.

However, Munge had told court that he is just the operations manager at Godjoy Inv.


During his testimony, Munge told the court that Gidjoy has two directors, Gideon Muriuki and Joyce Muriuki.

Sowesava members Recognition

The security guard said he knows some of the accused persons. Some by name while others by their faces since he used to see them often near his place of work.

The witness was testifying before Principal Magistrate Gilbert Shikwe,

Langang said they were attacked by a group of about 25 people armed with crude weapons.

“When we saw them approaching us telling us to go away, we ran. Then I called our incharge Dickson Nyairo and informed him about the attack,” the witness added.

The witness further told the court that he recorded his statement the same day the attack happened at around 3 pm. However, the incident report indicates it was written at Savanna base.

The court also heard that the witness did not sign his statement.

The accused persons are alleged to have destroyed part of the perimeter wall estimated at Sh 144,000.