Governor Mike Sonko testifies against County workers’ union officials in graft case


Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has testified against two top county workers union officials charged with soliciting a Sh 200,000 bribe in order to call off a workers’ strike over Sh 18 billion delayed September 2017 salaries.

The Governor refuted claims that he was the one who had offered the bribe in order to save his political career before trial Magistrate Douglas Ogoti.

In his testimony against Kenya County Government Workers Union Nairobi branch secretary Benson Oliang’a Oriaro and assistant treasurer John Muriuki, the Governor accused the two of demanding a Sh 1 million from him which was negotiated to Sh 200,000.

He admitted before court that he reports some of the corruption cases in the county government himself and sometimes he is usually fitted with recording gadgets to trap the perpetrators.

During cross examination, the Governor also denied allegations that he was the one who offered the bribe to his employees during his first days in office.

“I do not offer bribe to anyone, those who ask the same from me known what I do. If I was the one who offered the bribe as alleged by the defense, the accused persons should have reported me to the EACC but they did not as l was the one who reported the same,” Sonko testified.

He also denied claims that he was not in good terms with his employees and therefore wanted to cripple the workers union.

The Governor did however admit facing challenges when he took over from his predecessor but quashed claims that the wrangles are persistent as he paid them their dues after settling in office and has been doing so every month.

“I admit that l had issues with county employees when l was new in office but things were sorted after I settled. I have 15,000 workers and l pay them every month between 23rd and 27th,” said Sonko.

Sonko said his aide Job Odhiambo Ogola invited the EACC who fitted the gadgets that helped in gathering evidence against the two.

Oliang’a and Muriuki received Sh 50,000 at Hamsa House along Tom Mboya Street where the union office is located on 17th November 2017but were nabbed by officers from EACC.

Both accused persons are each out on a bond of Sh 500,000 or alternative cash bail of Sh 200,000 and were ordered to be reporting to EACC every last Friday of each month.