Governor Muthomi Njuki accused of breaching bond terms


A section of Tharaka Nithi County residents has written to the treasury and controller of budget accusing Governor Muthomi Njuki of breaching his bond terms by failing to leave office and by communicating, threatening and intimidating witnesses through public statements and rallies.

In a letter through lawyer Henry Kurauka, the residents want the governor to stop executing his duties including financial functions at the County during the pendency of his corruption case within the meaning, spirit, intention and tenor of our constitution.

“We request that the said Onesmus Muthomi Njuki be prevented by you from approving, signing, transacting and or getting involved in any way with the funds of Tharaka Nithi County, pending the hearing and determination of the above case,” states the residents in their letter.

The Governor and 20 others were charged with 16 counts under the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act of 2003 (ACECA), among other regimes of the law and the court granted all the accused persons bond or bail terms pending their trial after pleading not guilty to the charges. 

The accused persons were charged with embezzlement of public funds in the award and execution of a Sh 34.7 million solid waste incinerator contract, which investigators said was irregularly awarded.

The conditions of the said bond/bail were that Governor Njuki and nine other employees of Tharaka Nithi County be barred from their offices, only to visit the offices in the company of an officer from the EACC and all the accused were gagged from communicating to any of the witnesses in whatever form and or approaching them because such actions will attract cancellation of the bond terms.