I don’t know what killed my husband, marathoner Samuel Wanjiru’s widow tells court

The widow of the late Olympic marathon champion Samuel Wanjiru has told court that she does not know what caused the death of her husband .
While testifying in an inquest of her husband’s death before Milimani Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi, Triza Njeri said that on 15th May, 2015, she arrived home at around 11pm and had an altercation with another woman she alleged to have found in their bedroom sleeping with Kamau.
“I do not Know what exactly caused the death of Kamau since l was not in the compound at the moment when he died,” said Njeri.
She informed the court that the other  woman grabbed her on the neck questioning her what she was doing in their bedroom but Kamau was still asleep and did not have a word with him.
She continued that afterwards, she went straight to the bedroom and immediately the woman got out of their matrimonial bed and told her she was Kamau’s wife.
She inquired who I was and I informed her that l was Kamau’s wife.
“She grabbed me by the collar but l ask her to let me go. l left them inside as Kamau slept, closed the green corridor door with a padlock and started to call the local Nyahururu OCS for assistance to avoid a recurrence of what had happened between Kamau and my self where he threatened  to kill me with a gun,” Said Njeri.
She said after the altercation with the lady she left the bedroom and asked the watchman for the keys to the house and the two gates.
“While at the gate I saw Kamau at the balcony of the house where he asked me to handover the keys but I decline because if I went back and he caught up with me, he would hurt me,” Njeri added.
She added that Police replayed Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) footage from their house after his death and the same was taken by the police for analysis.
Njeri informed the court that later she found a lady’s top with red, black and  whitish strips in  their bedroom which also handed over to police.
Njeri informed the court that  she had been living in Ngong, Kajiado county and had gone back to Nyahururu on the fateful day  seeking birth certificates of her two children from her late husband before he met his death.
“I have been living in Ngong since 2011 and only traveled to Nyahururu on holidays and on the material day, we had made arrangements to meet,” Njeri told court.

Kamau’s property

The court further heard that Kamau had four houses, one in Nyahururu, one belonging to his mother, another one at Muthaiga estate and rentals in Nakuru.
“I do not take rent from the houses at Nyahururu because it is Kamau’s mother Hannah Wanjiru Kamau  who collects it. I only collect money from the rentals in Nakuru which amounts to about Sh 200,000 a month,” added Njeri.
Lawyer Muendo Uvyu who cross examined Njeri asked her whether she owns the house in Ngong and she responded that there were on going negotiations between her and the seller.

Succession case

The court further heard that the succession case in Nakuru was not filed by Njeri, rather another woman by the name Judy Wambui who wanted to be the one in control of Kamau’s property on the basis that she had his child.
Wambui sued Njeri and Wanjiru in order to be the administrator of the entire property.
She told the court that she won the succession case and the Nakuru court declared her as the proprietor.
“I won that case and the judge directed that l have control of Kamau’s properties together with my children,” said Njeri.
Lawyer Muendo requested that Njeri be stood down to enable them get documents of the succession case at Nakuru Law courts to get more information about it since there was allegations that Njeri  had a motive to ‘eliminate’ her husband so that she could receive the proceed of the entire property.
Kamau’s mother, Wanjiru during her testimony linked six police officers, Njeri and lawyer  James Ndegwa Wahome representing Njeri with the murder of her son.
She said her son was the victim of  a vicious conspiracy targeting his wealth. Lawyer Ndegwa told the inquest court that he was involved in the succession case in Nakuru where Njeri was declared the administrator of the entire Kamau’s property.
It is alleged that three days after the murder, Triza and lawyer Wahome traveled to Nairobi to the registrar of persons  to change her names in her identity card in order to facilitate the sale of the deceased’s millions worth property.
Wanjiru has since linked  former Nyahururu  OCPD  Josephat Ombati, OCS Allan Ogolla their junior officers with the murder of her son.