IEBC database admin denies interference of Form 34A


The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Database administrator has told the Supreme Court that the Forms 34A transmitted on the portal were never interfered with.

Administrator Martin Nyaga said that the Form 34A relied on by the commission to tally, verify and declare the presidential results were the physical original Form 34As from the presiding officers to the National Tallying Centre which formed the basis of final tally and verification of the presidential results.

While dismissing an affidavit sworn by Benard Adongo in support of the presidential election petition by Raila Odinga and his running mate Martha Karua, Nyaga said there was no fraud nor malpractice by the electoral body.

The petition challenges the election results and declaration of William Ruto as President-elect.

Nyaga claims that the whole affidavit by Adongo is coached, drawn fatally defective and should be disregarded.

In his replying affidavit, Nyaga said that the allegations by Adongo in his affidavit lacks substantiation and proof by evidence.

“The affidavit is mischievous, unmerited, substantively deficient and based merely on unfounded and unsubstantiated allegations and amounts to misuse of legal process,” Nyaga said.

It was his contention that Adongo has been coached based on imaginary and unverified allegations with an aim to taint the electoral process conducted by IEBC which received overwhelming credence, thumbing and approval globally and same should not be entertained as it is a misuse of judicial time.

“All forms are digitally signed and key metadata can be seen in digital signature which provides for the KIEMS Kit used, date and time when the form was created,” Nyaga added. 


According to Nyaga, the alleged time differential between creation and modification is imaginary, fake and false.

The administrator also denied any conversion from JPEG to PDF format. 

“The KIEMS Kit software was designed to take a scanned image in pdf format. The forms have digital signatures that indicate they have not been modified,” Nyaga said.

He told the Supreme court that the transmission of scanned images in pdf format from the time captured by the presiding officer or storage of the forms in IEBC portal cannot alter the content of the form.