Nice and Lovely founder will know his fate on May 19th 2017 after the court rules whether he has a case to answer regarding the charges against him of going armed in public and creating disturbance in a manner likely to cause breach of peace.

This comes after the prosecution closed their case last week before Milimani Principal Magistrate Martha Mutuku.

Paul Kinuthia, who is currently the Pambazuka National Lottery CEO was charged with the two counts of offenses in January this year.

The city billionaire is alleged to have shot in the air at Shark Palace Club in Muthaiga on January 14th 2017 after an argument with his wife in the car outside the club.

Witnesses testify during the hearing

During the hearing of the case, several witnesses among them the club’s manager gave their testimony. The manager, Ongori Kwang’a told the court that he was in his office when he heard gun shots from outside.

On his way out to see what was going on, he bumped in to a security guard informed him that the gun shots were being fired outside his club.

“I left the office to check what was going on and found some customers lying down while others were running for their lives since no one knew what was happening,” he said.

When Kwang’a went outside, he saw Kinuthia with a gun but he couldn’t really tell who had fired it.

A bouncers at the club who was on duty that night also told the court that when Kinuthia reached the entrance of the club, he requested that he provide a certificate to prove he is a licensed firearm holder but the accused declined claiming he had forgotten it in his car.

“I told him to give us his gun to keep it for him until he was to leave but he refused, next I heard shots in the air which caused a lot of panic,” said the bouncer.

Later the police arrived and apprehended the accused and took him to Muthaiga Police station.

Particulars of the offenses

Kinuthia is accused of firing two rounds of ammunition in order to cause terror to bouncers Eric Kiilu and Paul Obwayo who were employees of the said hotel.

He is also accused of unlawfully firing two rounds of 9 mm live in such a manner to cause a breach of the peace.

The accused is on a bond of 50,000 pending  determination of his case.

Fight with wife

Earlier reports indicated that Kinuthia fought with his wife in their car outside the club.

His wife then got out of the car and ran into the club with Kinuthia running after her.

He shot in the air after the bouncers denied him entrance in to the club while armed.