Judge Sankale’s ex driver says lawyer Wanyama is pestering him not to talk to DCI

Court of Appeal judge Kantai ole Sankale

A former bodyguard to Court of Appeal Judge Kantai ole Sankale has accused the judge’s lawyer Peter Wanyama and brother of trying to persuade him not to honour summons from the DCi in regards to the death of Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen.

Jackton Lutomia Masista, a retired police officer swore an affidavit on 21st February 2022, stating that in the recent past, he has been receiving numerous calls from Wanyama warning him against being of any assistance to the DCI on any matter touching on Justice Sankale or making any disclosures to anybody on matters concerning the judge.

Wanyama is also said to have given the former bodyguard a different mobile number that the two could allegedly talk through without being tapped.

“In a WhatsApp message sent to me by Mr Peter Wanyama, he has previously sought that I communicate with him via his unknown mobile number being 0701 951 925 to avoid instances of our communication being tapped or overheard by curious individuals presumably officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations,” swears Masista.

Masista also accuses the judge’s brother, James Sapuro of incessantly calling him and dissuading him from honouring any summons or invitation from the office of the DCI in the fear that he will share his personal experiences with the judge.

Sankale is suspected to have been involved in the murder of the Dutch tycoon on the night of 19th and 20th July 2019 as he is alleged to have been having an affair with the tycoon’s wife Sara Wairimu who is the primary suspect in his murder.

The errands, the women

The bodyguard swears that on different occasions, he has accompanied the judge and unknown different female companions to different hotels around the country.

He further states that during his three year period as the personal driver of the judge, he was involved in a myriad of activities including running errands for him.

“On the many occasions I served as the driver to the judge, I was severally tasked to pick and/or drop female acquaintances of the judge who were not formally introduced to me,” adds the former guard.

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Masista recalls the judge spending three nights at Amboseli National Park with a female acquaintance and on another occasion,  he spent two nights with a different female at Panari Hotel in Nyahururu.

He also states that on a different occasion, he drove the judge and another woman to some fancy hotel in Kisumu where they spent the weekend together.

Sankale’s poor marriage

The driver says that he used to live in West Park- Wilson Airport while judge Sankale lived in Karen with his wife whom they lived in distant and different rooms which was indicative of a dysfunctional union.

“During the period I was with the judge, I never witnessed them talk, smile, laugh or drive together yet they lived together in the same building,” states the former officer.

His last experience with the judge was with a woman from Migori County which almost ended tragically.

It was alleged that her husband was aware that the judge was with his wife in their home.

The bodyguard says he picked the woman from Queensway Barclays Bank in Nairobi and dropped her and the judge in Migori as they exchanged pleasantries at the back seat.

“On arrival at the lady’s house in Migori, and a while after the lady and the judge proceeded inside, upon interaction with the security guard of the house, I was informed that there was a group of individuals outside that wanted to ambush the judge as he was in another man’s house secretly committing a sin with a married woman,” states the judge.

Masista says he immediately alerted the judge of the lurking danger and assisted him to escape .

He says he got Sankale and drove out of the compound in pretence that the judge was inside and he was going to get the car cleaned at a nearby car wash.

“Had I not been intuitive and acted swiftly like I did, there is a chance that the judge may have been assaulted to death by the growing crowd that appeared to have been acting under the directions of a known and legitimate man of that house,” Masista reiterated.