Kenya Rural Electrification Authority HR charged with forging academic certificates


A human resource manager at Kenya Rural Electrification Authority has been presented before Nairobi anti-corruption court over allegations of forging academic certificates.

Irene Chesang is accused of forging a bachelor’s degree from United States International University (USIU) and High school certificate.

She appeared before Chief Magistrate Douglas Ogoti but did not plead to the charges after she became emotional before the charges were read to her. The magistrate directed that she appear in court again on 9th February.

Chesang is accused that on an unknown date and place, with intent to deceive, she made a bachelor of science in International business administration degree certificate, purporting it to be genuine issued to her by USIU on 17th June 2000, a fact she knew was false.

She is also accused of uttering fake transcripts from UISU purporting them to be genuine.

She further faces charges of forging a form four certificate from Solian Girls High School with a mean grade of B-, purporting it to be a genuine certificate issued by the Kenya National Examination Council,  a fact she also knew was false.

She is also facing charges of forging exemption letter dated 29th June 2008 purporting it to be genuine issued by Kenya Accountant and Secretaries National examination board.