Kitany wants Senator Linturi investigated over bigamy, suspected to have unlawfully married several women


Meru Senator Mithika Linturi’s estranged wife Marianne Kitany now wants court to order the police to investigate him for alleged bigamy.

Kitany also wants Linturi investigated over alleged falsification, forgery and/or faking of court documents and stamps.

Through lawyer Dunstan Omari, Kitany further wants the court to order the Attorney General and Registrar of Marriages to produce records of all marriages contracted by Mr Linturi.

She maintains that they did plan, actualize and attended a wedding ceremony at his home in Meru.

She states that the Senator did carry out an official customary marriage with her, as well as meeting the family, paying dowry, gifting her parents and carrying out all customary preconditions.

The court heard that Linturi produced legal divorce documents to the effect that he was not a married man, before their union.

Relationship background

She revealed that the two met in 2013 while she was working at the Deputy President William Ruto’s office, as the Chief of Staff.

“From around February 2014, we grew closer and we started dating during which time he claimed he was single and unmarried.

They later agreed that it was important for his children aged between 5 and 18 years who are from different mothers and himself move in with them.

She said that by September of 2016, all the children including the youngest were now fully her responsibility and out of it, she instantly became a mother of 6 children.

“I made each of the children and defendant feel comfortable and at home with lots of love and understanding each one of them.

“The allegations of fraud, forgery and perjury are serious criminal offences and it behooves the Honorable Court to arrest illegalities and protect the status quo, especially considering the said actions are being undertaken by a person in public office,” she added.

She further avers that on or around May or June 2014, they agreed to move in together to my home in Kileleshwa while he still had a home along Ngong Road.

Kitany also said that on or around August 2014 they organized for their children to travel together with our inlaws Billy and Dorothy Onyango on holiday to Zanzibar to help them bond.

Relationship issues

According to her, issues in their relationship began when Linturi started drifting away from his family responsibility and his personal commitments to her.

“I have had to take up responsibilities of both father and mother role to the children both emotionally and financially,” Kitany cries.

This escalated to a point where even his last born son who was 8 years old at the time and who lovingly called her mum, kept asking for his father.

The Senator’s actions allegedly tormented the children as he would travel and only bring gifts for the children he had sired.

“He had a habit of leaving the matrimonial home, switching his phone off for extensive and inexplicable periods of time and soon as he returned home, if I confronted him, the same would bring up arguments,” states Kitany.

She said another issue that caused their relationship to strain was that his daughter did not perform well in school and had to be returned back to Kenya at the command of the Defendant who had given up on her by that time.

“I do recall that on one occasion in 2017, while we were living in rented Runda home, I had secured a very short leave from work for four days and travelled urgently to Dubai alone to secure materials for the construction.


After landing in Dubai, Linturi allegedly called her to inform her that he had found their daughter with drugs, took her to Gigiri police station and left her there, a young girl at the age of 21and proceeded to Meru to campaign, abandoning her.

The daughter stayed in the cells for 4 days until she returned from Dubai, where she had her released after pleading with Linturi and the DCIO of Gigiri Police Station.

“She was taken to a rehabilitation center run by a friend Mututho- John Mututho Empowerment Center also known as JOMEC,” says Kitany.