KSL officials charged over misuse of Sh 198.4 million public funds


A dozen Kenya School of law directors have been charged with misappropriation of public funds amounting to Sh 198.4 million for goods not supplied.

The officials are facing charges of corruption, unlawful acquisition of public property, and fraudulently making payments from public revenue for goods not supplied.

The accused persons are Amos Kabue, Prof Morris Kiwinda, Frank Were, Hudson Amwai, Norbert Achiro, Ephraim Thuku, Paul Andega trading as Ademwa Enterprises, Friday Ngoya T/A Frigoya investment and Frigoya cosmetics and beauty, Francis Lwigado T/A Alfranc investment, Alfred Lwigado also T/A Alfranc investment, Denis Achiro T/A Deskench investment and Kenneth Ochieng’ also T/A Deskench investment.

Kabue and Kiwinda, assistant director finance and administration and deputy director respectively are said to have fraudulently made payments from public revenue to wit Sh 18.4 million to Frida Ngoya and her companies for goods not supplied.

Kabue and Were who is the finance manager are also alleged to have paid Friday another Sh 3.9 million while Kiwinda and Were again paid her Sh 886,900 also do goods nor supplied.

These officials are also said to have paid millions more to the above named companies

They are alleged to have committed the offences between May 2015 and June 2018.

They denied the charges before anti-corruption Chief Magistrate Lawrence Mugambi and were released on cash bail.