Laikipia North MP Sarah Korere testifies against former MP Lempurkel in assault case

Laikipia North MP Sarah Korere has testified against the former MP Mathew Lempurkel in an assault case she filed against him.
Korere told the court how she and some of the MCA’s from Laikipia had visited then CS for interior to Joseph ole Lenku to discuss security matters in her county.
She told the court that after the meeting, Lempurkel walked in and started insulting and assaulting her.
“He called me ‘malaya wewe umekuwa nani unamangamangisha watu kwa hii maofisi,” she said.
Words translated to mean…”you prostitute, who are you to take people around these offices”.
The MP who appeared before Senior Resident Magistrate Helen Onkwani further said that after the insults, Lempurkel proceeded to kick her on the lower abdomen.
She suffered injuries on the neck, lower abdomen and left the year.
“When officers from harambee house came after a tip off of what was happening, the former MP left the room,” Korere told the court.
After he left, the MP went to report the mater at parliament police station and later sought treatment at Nairobi Women’s Hospital where Was examined by a doctor by the name Lucy Njoroge.
“I have not fully recovered from the injuries as I still suffer from lower abdominal pain from time to time,” she added.
Him being the MP at that time, she did not know why he was not invited to the meeting.
In her statement, Korere mentioned that she received a message from an unknown number on 22nd November 2017, the day she recorded statement.
The SMS wanted her to withdrawing the case and the police said that the number that sent her the SMS was for the former MP.
The MP told the court that on 11th December 2016 when returning a call to one Julius Ndegwa of Lamu west constituency Lempurkel started abusing her at the end of her conversation with Ndegwa.
“I can confirm that it was Lempurkel insulting me because I can recognize his voice and he was insulting me in vernacular,” said the MP.
She further added that Ndegwa later called to apologize to her for letting him abuse her through his phone.
When asked why the MCA’s did not call Lempurkel to participate in the meeting could be because when the chaos started, the County Commissioner called them for meetings but the accused did not attend any of them.
The hearing  will continue on 29th November.