Lawyer Danstan Omari defends Haji’s nomination as NIS director, terms opposition as political witch hunt

Lawyer Danstan Omari addressing media outside Milimani Law Courts at a past date. PHOTO/Suek.

Lawyer Danstan Omari has termed the opposition of Noordin Haji as the next Director of National Intelligence Service by Civil Society groups as a political witch hunt.

While addressing the press at Milimani Law Courts, Omari termed the move as an orchestrated political agenda to stop Haji from assuming office.

The lawyer claimed that the civil society groups are afraid that Haji, who was the Director of Public Prosecution, will obtain intelligence against them which will ultimately lead to the closure of rogue NGOs.

“Their fear is that once Haji gets to the helm of NIS, he will obtain intelligence and hand it over to law enforcement agencies because their money is not used for the country but goes to their pockets,” Omari said.

Omari said he will be filing affidavits in a Nakuru petition challenging Haji’s appointment on grounds that the petition has adversely mentioned his client Aisha Jumwa, CS Public Service 

In their application, the group, National Integrity Alliance, argued that Haji  has a compromised track record and has failed to fulfil his constitutional obligations while serving as the DPP.

They claimed that Haji led the botched prosecution of mega corruption cases in the country which would have led to the recovery of Sh 11.3 billion had they been successfully prosecuted.

However, Omari questioned the timing of their allegations, noting that unlike them, he had filed more than 21 petitions for removal of DPP Haji which were dismissed by the court.

He termed the actions of the NGO as a money minting exercise so that donors can send money.

“It is a financial commercial endeavour by the civil society to look relevant to attract foreigners,” Omari said.