Lawyer seeking to oust Sonko to pay him 5,000 for another adjournment


A city Lawyer who filed a petition seeking to oust Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has been ordered to pay him Sh 5000 for causing the adjournment of case for the second time.

Boniface Nyamu sought for the adjournment of the case which was to be heard on Wednesday 12th on grounds that his advocate was unwell.

High court judge James Makau adjourned the matter until August though he cited the application for adjournment was unjustifiable.

The petitioner laid several grounds as to why Sonko is unfit to hold public office. one of them being that the Governor has failed to nominate his deputy ever since the resignation of his deputy Polycarp Igathe.

Nyamu further accuses the Governor of gross misconduct by verbally assaulting a Member of County Assembly and recording private phone calls.

In his response, Sonko dismissed the petition and termed it as misuse and abuse of the court process.

He says that there is no evidence that the Nyamu is registered voter in any polling station within the span of the 17 constituencies comprising the Nairobi City County.

The County Boss further states that the petitioner didn’t demonstrate whether he is a property owner in Nairobi, vehicle owner paying parking fee, a service provider, business operator, an employer or a visitor to any of the offices of the county on any given date.

The governor denied allegations that the county government has degenerated in its stature and has not provided any statistical bases , benchmarks or any finding of expertise upon which his allegations can be based as conducive.

He wants the court to dismiss the matter saying that the same constitute generalized anecdotal allegations that are largely hearsay and broadside tales that have not a shred of evidence in the them to sustain either the motion or the petition.

On the other hand, Nyamu has listed several instances in which the Governor allegedly acted inconsistently with the Leadership & Integrity Act.

He cited an incident in which goons were caught on camera disrupting a press conference, attacking, robbing and harassing former Nairobi business community Chairman Timothy Muriuki.

However Muriuki distanced himself from the allegations that the said goons were sent by the Governor.