Man arrested in court after equity bank teller charged with stealing told the court she had seen the culprit in court


It was a twist of events in court for a man who had been charged with stealing after an Equity bank teller identified him as the thief in court

The teller had been charged with stealing Sh. 410,000 from Equity bank but after pleading to the charges, she told the court she had seen the culprit in court.

Collins Allan Barasa  alias Michael Siwenge was charged with stealing the money from Equity Bank Moi Avenue Branch after he was arrested that day.

He is alleged to have committed the offence on 28th September 2017 jointly with the teller before court.

The accused pleaded not guilty before Milimani Resident Magistrate P. Ooko.

The prosecution requested the matter to be taken to the court handling the other similar matter at the City Court in order to be heard on the same date.

The court directed the matter to be heard on 6th November as the other one and be mentioned on 17th October.

Barasa was released on a bond of Sh. 150,000 or alternative cash bail of Sh. 50,000.

Simiyu who is already facing a similar case was in court on Monday morning for the hearing of his case when a teller at the above bank was to be charged with stealing the same amount of money.

After the lady pleaded not guilty to the charge, through her lawyer told the court that she had noticed the person who stolen the money in court.

The magistrate allowed her to speak for herself and asked her to point out the person she claimed to have been the thief.

She pointed at Barasa who was told to stand so that she could confirmed to the court if he was the person being pointed at.

Barasa stood up in disbelief and the lady told the court that she was certain he was the one.

“Your honour, I am certain and confident that this is the person who who stole the money and the CCTV at the bank can prove so too,” said the accused.

Later that day after the proceedings, Barasa, who was out on cash bail in the other matter was arrested, arraigned in court on Tuesday morning and charged afresh.