Man sentenced to life in prison for defiling daughter

Anazet Amukambwa Makokha before Nairobi's Milimani law Courts where he was handed a life sentence for defiling his daughter.

A man who was charged with defiling his six year old daughter two years ago has been sentenced to life in prison. 

Anazet Amukambwa Makokha, 30, was found guilty of committing the heinous act and subsequently sentenced by Principal Magistrate Zainab Abdul on Friday 30th July 2019.

“I have looked at the evidence tabled before court by the prosecution andI I am satisfied that an offence was committed,” ruled the magistrate.

Makokha committed the offence on 26th May 2019 in Kibera, Nairobi county when the minor was left under his care by her aunt who had gone to church.

“It is indeed shameful for the accused to commit such an act  with his child. This should act as an example to others. I hereby sentence you to serve life in prison,” added the Magistrate.

The court heard that the accused went in to the house and instructed other children to go and play outside with the exception of his daughter who was left with the Makokha who thereafter defiled her.

The following day while in school, the traumatised minor’s class teacher noticed she had difficulties in walking and also had a foul smell. The teacher called her and and started questioning her in an attempt to find out what had or was happening to the little girl.

To the teacher’s shock, the girl narrated what her father had done to her which prompted her to inform her colleagues who contacted the girl’s aunt.

The girl was then taken to the Nairobi Women’s Hospital for treatment and later to a Children’s home for protection.