Mandera business community accuses county government of corruption


Mandera business community has accused the Mandera County government of mismanagement and misappropriation of of public funds.

In a letter addressed to the EACC Chairperson, the community says they are forced to directly address their concerns through the chairman because of allegations that the EACC regional office in Carissa and other senior secretariats based at the Headquarter are colluding with the county government and covering up their mess.
“It is sad if your agency tasked with preventing economic crimes in the public sector is accused of colluding with those committing the vice,” they said.
In the letter, Mandera County executive is accused of undertaking corrupt, fraudulent and flawed procurement process which are inconsistent with the Public procurement and Asset disposal Act.
The county’s procurement entity is said to blatantly violate the laws governing procurement by awarding highest bidders.
For example, they claim a tender for the construction of a six bed maternity block at Libehiya Health centre was not fairly awarded as it was given to the highest bidder M/S Akdimas company limited at a contract sum of sh 21,573,529.
In addition, the community assuses the M/S Akdimas of failing to construct the facility according its specification outlined in the contract agreement.
Further, the executive arm of Mandera County recently undertook single sourcing of construction works for offices of the financial department, office of the Governor and that of his deputy in what looks like expansion of existing offices previously used by water and public works departments respectively.
The county government is further said to have violated the law by failing to establish county audit committee to oversee financial operation of the executive as the law requires the county government to do so.
The county executive is also accused of varying several projects way above the required rate of maximum 25 percent.
The officers concerned are said to have varied several projects for construction of roads in the area at rates between 27 and 88 percent of the project cost  in contravention of the law which requires variation of contracts at a rate not more that 25 percent of the project cost.
They are accused of doing so illegally to amass wealth through dubious and illegal means by manipulating provisions of the law.