Mike Sonko dismisses affidavit opposing a 2017 bill

Governor Mike Sonko (white) and his lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui at Milimani Law Courts at an earlier date
Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has dismissed an affidavit allegedly sworn by him opposing the formation of Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority bill tabled in Parliament in 2017.

The Governor said he discovered he was enjoined as 5th interested party in the case, yet he has never been served with any pleadings nor was he aware that such a case existed in the High Court.

He further avers that a firm called Nyachoti & Co Advocates are purportedly on record for him yet he has no knowledge of the said firm/advocate nor has he instructed anyone to represent him in the suit which came to his knowledge through social media.

“It is strange how a law firm would purport to come on record for a sitting governor of Nairobi and instead of getting my instructions, through a replying affidavit, they chose to file grounds in support maybe to propagate a mischievous hidden cause known only to them.

According to the Governor, the said firm/advocates acting without his knowledge and instructions were purporting to support the petition which gives the impression that he opposes the formation of the Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority yet he was one of is strongest proponents and involved in the passing of the bill while in the senate.

In the affidavit, Sonko says he has discovered that one Violet Avoga Oyangi who was an acting Director of legal services in the Nairobi city government has been instigating the filing of such outrageous cases in an effort to frustrate his government and the more reason she is currently in hiding with a warrant of arrest for failure to take plea in a court of law.

The governor called for investigations against Nyachoti & Co advocates for defamation and intent to sabotage the relationship between the Nairobi county government and the National government.

He added he will also be filing an application to have to have the Nairobi city county and his office removed as a party from the suit as they cannot be compelled to be interested parties.

According to the papers filed by Nyachoti, the attempt to comply with section 26(4) of the Inter-governmental Relations Act, 2011 by introducing a Bill before the National Assembly in the form of the Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Area Transport Authority Bill which was tabled in parliament in October 2017 was never successful as the bill was preliminarily rejected and as such the National Assembly approval has never been granted.