Nigerian, 3 Kenyans detained after death of two at a house in Kilimani


Four people arrested in connection with the death of two Nigerian nationals in Kilimani during a house party over on Friday last week will continue to be detained for another 10 days to allow police to complete investigations.

Unknown alias Umar Kabir Kamara (NIgerian), Vera Osebe Omari, Diana Moraa and Annestine Mamuji Helmut appeared before Senior Resident Magistrate where the police requested for 14 days to detain them.

However, the magistrate found the 10 days sufficient for detectives and directed that they be detained at Kilimani Police station.

The four were arrested following a report of a dead body of an unknown African male adult being found in the morning of Friday 9th July 2021 on the ground floor of Distinction apartments within Kilimani by a private security guard.

Police say they have linked the respondents to the death of the unknown male as they organized and participated in a house party where the deceased was last seen alive on Thursday evening.

The other revellers fled from the apartment and left behind 3 motor vehicles; a Mercedes Benz KCZ 002C, Mercedes Benz KBT 333S and a Toyota Lexus KDB 900B whose owners are yet to be identified.

The police told the court that the four are at flight risk and that they also need time to conduct an identification parade. They also need time to arrest other associates and record witness statements, take the respondents’ fingerprints of the suspects and secure and access CCTV cameras for the said apartments. The suspects also want to take the suspects to Mathare Hospital for a metal assessment test.

One of the deceased is alleged to have jumped from  the 7th floor of the building while the other one collapsed and died while preparing a meal for the 20 people said to have attended the party.

Two other people are also said to have collapsed and are currently in hospital. The respondents are suspected to have drugged the victims with an unknown substance.