Ongoro lashes out at IEBC lawyer in court for failing to provide budges for her agents in the 8/8 election

Former nominated Senator Elizabeth Ongoro during her cross examination in her petition challenging the election of Tom Kajwang as Ruaraka MP

Former ODM nominated Senator Elizabeth Ongoro has lashed at the IEBC lawyer Don Muyundo during his cross examination for failure of the commission to provide her agents with badges in the August 8th General Elections.

Ongoro who was kicked out of ODM and later joined Amani National Congress (ANC) where she was given life membership testified before Justice Richard Mwongo told the court that her agents were not provided with the budges before the Election Day as was required.

“My agents were only provided with six budges on the Election Day at around 11 am instead of 174 as required and therefore could not be allowed into the polling and tallying station,”Ongoro told the court.

The former MP went ahead to ask Muyundo why the IEBC failed to provide her agents with the budges before the election date yet she had called them over and over again inquiring them but kept telling her to wait.

The confrontation arose after lawyer Muyundo insisted that Ongoro confirms to the court whether her agents were ejected from inside the polling station or outside, and provide the names of those agents.

she testified that her agents were denied access to the stations because they did not have the IEBC budges as per requirement.

Ongoro who also corrected Muyundo for referring to her by her maiden name told the court that the reason as to why she once failed to follow the campaign schedule and instead attended a NASA rally where she knew her opponent Tom Kajwang and his supporters would be because saw it was a greater responsibility to do so.

“It would not make sense if I continued with the door to door campaign and ignored the rally in which my principals were touring Eastlands,”said Ongoro.

She told the court that according to her, attending the rally was more superior to the door to door campaign.

In the petition, Ongoro is seeking to nullify the election of Tom Kajwang on grounds that the elections were not free and fair as per the constitution.

She is also seeking an order for scrutiny and Audit of all the returns of Ruaraka parliamentary election including but not limited to forms 35A.

She is also seeking an order for an audit of the system and technology used by the IEBC in the Ruaraka parliamentary election including but not limited to the KIEMS kits, the servers, website/portal.

Ongoro is seeking a declaration that Ruaraka parliamentary election held on August 8th was not conducted in accordance with the Constitution and the applicable law rendering the declared results invalid null and void.

In the petition filed under a certificate of urgency, Ongoro argues that the elections were not free and fair as there was the use of intimidation, coercion and improper influence of voters.

She accuses Kajwang of for instance promising to reward his voters with bursaries from Ruaraka CDF.

She further accuses him of making disparaging sexist remarks in full glare of cameras against her and her female supporters.