Patiala Distillers defends itself from allegations of manufacturing fake alcohol


Patiala Distillers Kenya Limited has defended itself against allegations of manufacturing fake alcohol.

This is after Nyeri Senator Wahome Wamatinga in the company of Mathira MP Eric Wamumbi and several civilians stormed the Deputy County Commissioner’s office and destroyed Patiala products worth Sh 6 million.

Lawyer Danstan Omari who is on record for the company stated that the products had been confiscated by the police on 20th February from one of Patiala’s distributors in Karatina on grounds that the products were fake.

The shocking bit is that the police just watched the events unfold without enforcing the law. This has led Patiala to believe that the actions by the two lawmakers are State sponsored.

The company has since written a letter to the Inspector General of police and the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) expressing their grievances.

“We wish to point out that our client’s unfortunate encounters with law enforcement has come as a surprise since there has been no turbulent history between my client and law enforcement,” said Omari in the letter.

Patiala’s products.


Apart from being importers of alcoholic beverages, Patiala which was incorporated in 2009 manufactures its own alcohol which is in accordance with the set standards.

Some of its products include Diamond Ice, Blue Ice vodka, Genius Gin, Best Gin, Chase Vodka, Flying Horse, Best Brandy, Blue Ice coconut and Gold medal brandy.

According to the letter, on 20th February, 2024, Patiala distributed 400 crates of “Diamond Ice’ and 1,000 cartons of Flying Horse’ alcohol brands to a licensed distributor in Mathira.

On the 21, the Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) and the District Officer visited the premises of the said distributor and confiscated the alcohol on grounds that it was unfit for human consumption.

“An inventory was carried out at Mathira Police station and the alcohol was taken into lawful custody, the DCCs office,” reads the letter.

Clean Bill of health

However, after analysis, government agencies including the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and the Anti-Counterfeit Agency did their separate analysis and gave the alcohol a clean bill of health.

The company notes the callous behaviour is the complete opposite of what is expected of leaders in the country, leaders who know the legal procedures to be followed whenever they detect or suspect any illegality.

This is because even if the products had been fake, then the two politicians would have unlawfully destroyed evidence which would have been used to charge the perpetrators.

Omari noted, “the intimidation and harassment experienced by our client was totally unwarranted. It cannot be possibly justified. The leaders and lawmakers themselves led residents to actions which are unacceptable in a country that operates within the confines of the law. It is ironic that lawmakers led the public to break the very law that they are supposed to protect and enforce.”

On its part, Patiala maintains that it is properly licensed and produces quality products for its consumers.

Patiala Distillers head of quality assurance and manufacturing Mugiira Nthiga addressing media at the distillery

While showing the media how the company starts and reaches its final product, he company’s head of quality assurance and manufacturing Mugiira Nthiga said that their products are carefully screened in their laboratory before hitting the market.

“Our products are carefully screened and all the samples are properly kept for future use or reference,” Nthiga said.

Lawyer Danstan Omari said the company will be filing a lawsuit against those involved in destroying its products.