Pilot charged with assaulting wife in Nairobi


A pilot has been charged with assaulting his estranged wife in Nairobi.

Mohamed Feisal Maghul is accused of assaulting his wife Sharath Ismail Ibrahim on 14th May 2023, occsioning her actual bodily harm.

Maghul denied the charge before Kibera Law Courts Chief Magistrate Ann Mwangi.

The prosecution opposed Maghul’s release on bail on grounds that he was a flight risk.

It is alleged that the violence occasioned to the complainant by her estranged husband was after he demanded that she cut her hair.

She in turn asked him to be polite in his request which made the accused to turn wild, started insulting her and eventually pounced on her with slaps.

She sustained bruises on the face and reported the matter at Parklands Police Station before proceeding to the hospital for treatment.

The magistrate ordered Maghul to be detained at Parklands police station pending a probation officer’s report.

The report is to be filed in court within a week to aid the court in determining appropriate bail or bond terms for the accused.

The Sustained bruises in her right cheek. She reported the matter at Parklands police station where she was Issued with a p3 form and to seek medication where she was treated and discharged in fair condition.