Police detain couple, son accused of beating daughter to death


Court has allowed police to detain a couple and their son suspected to beaten their teenage daughter to death for three more days to complete investigations.

Senior Resident Magistrate Jane Kamau allowed police to detain Franklin’s Ntwiga Marangu, his wife Benedetta Mbeni Muthoka and their son Ian Ntwiga Marangu at Kilimani Police station.

According to the investigating officer Pascal Mwachiro, the three are alleged to have beaten the 15 year old girl for running away from home.

Court documents show that the girl went missing on the evening of 16th May 2021, failed to report school after opening, only to resurface on 20th May.

After her come back, her parents took her to Coptic hospital for test and after examination, he took her back home at Jamuhuri showground quarters.

When they got home, the parents started questioning her over her disappearance and also assaulted her using a pipe rod.

“The deceased went to bed thereafter after a while, she informed the second respondent (her mother) that she was unwell and had difficulty breathing,” sad the investigator.

The court heard that when the family realised that the deceased was not okay, they rushed her to Coptic hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival at 5.45 am on 21st May.

Coptic hospital management made the report at Kilimani police station and informed the police that the body of the deceased had bruises all over a sign that she was grievously assaulted.

The case will be mentioned virtually on 27th May.