Senator Linturi, Kitany divorce case adjourned after she fails to appear in court


Marianne Kitany said she was morning the death of Linturi,s father.

She asked for adjournment until after the burial her father-in-law court .

Linturi objected saying he was ready to proceed so that the matter can quickly be concluded.

The divorce case between Meru Senator Mithika Linturi and his estranged wife Marianne Kitany has bee adjourned after she failed to appear in court.

Through her lawyer Dunstan Omari, Kitany requested for adjournment on grounds that she was mourning the death of Linturi’s father.

“I wish to take this opportunity on behalf of my client to pass her condolences to Linturi and the whole Igembe community for their loss,” Omari told the court.

She wanted the matter adjourned until after the burial.

Linturi ready to proceed
Surprisingly, the Senator himself was present in court and ready to proceed with the matter even after his father’s death. The court heard that Senior Linturi passed away yesterday.

His argument was that there are many fundamental aspects of his life which have been held in limbo because of this matter.

For instance, his lawyer gave an example of his properties which have been frozen due to this matter.

Linturi added that he is the bereaved one and not Kitany therefore she should continue with the matter.

“The petitioner (Kitany) cannot be heard to cry louder than the bereaved,” the lawyer submitted.

The defendant accused Kitany of dragging the case ever since she got the orders.

Linturi added that prior to his death, Hus father was distress because of the allegations that the house he lived in was built by a woman yet he has sons.

However Omari said that matters of death cannot argued on and whether his client is mourning her father-in-law is an issue of determination by the court.

This is because the matter is still before court which will determine whether the two were married or not.

“Let the court sympathize with the senior Linturi if his son will not,” said Omari.

He added that if the Senator’s father got shocked that it is Kitany who built for him the house, then he also sympathizes.

Chief Magistrate Peter Gesora ruled that the matter would be adjourned due to the absence of the petitioner.

“I expect the petitioner to be in court for reexamination in the next hearing date,” the magistrate ruled.

Lucky for Linturi, the next date was scheduled for tomorrow.